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Buy your own boat



And let Viva Yacth Charter & Broker manage it for you.
Enjoy your own boat during your holidays and rent it out
the rest of the year...VIVA YACHT CHARTER & BROKER offers you the
solution to make the purchase of your boat a very productive business.

The price of the boat is 28% less than the price list, because you don't pay matriculation tax (12%) and I.V.A. (16%).


VIVA Yacht Charter & Broker is a company dedicated to rent and sell yachts. Our experience permit us to offer the best profit and professional maintenance. Here we are going to present an example how your investment when buying a boat (with our supervision) and let it for charter in our company.

Boat: Catamaran o Monohull from 34 to 55 FEET
Base for the boat: Palma de Mallorca and/or Gran Canaria
Period of partnership: 5 years renewable each year
Profit each year: minimum an 15% of the value of the boat (only doing the season in the Balearic Islands).

The exit with our partnership formula is that you can combine enjoying the boat during 2 weeks in the summer and always when the boat is not rented with a good economical profit. Just as well, that you can be totally unconcerned of the whole complex of the maintenance and the supervision of the boat.

VIVA Charter will pay the following:
-Expenses for the mooring
-Full insurance and civil responsibility
(profitable is the owner)
- Expenses for the maintenance
- Docking and antifouling of the boat each year

Price for buying the boat: see enclosed estimate of cost. To be a boat dedicated to charter, it doesn’t pay the tax for the registration (12%) and not the VAT (16%) and it doesn’t liquidate (doing a liquidation of the VAT intrastate, between countries on the Common Market-European Union) which gives a saving of 28% over the normal price.

Annual economical profit: Exist 2 formulas:

-Receive 10% of the value of the boat annually through liquidation guaranteed every two months.

-Receive 50% of the net of each contract that we realize, which gives in the end of the season a minimum profit of 15% of the value of the boat . Income every season:

36 feet: 13.522 €
38 feet: 16.227 €
41 feet: 19.833 €
44 feet: 24.040 €
50 feet: 31.550 €

40 feet: 33.900 €
43 feet: 48.000 €
46 feet: 58.600 €

Besides this, you should have in mind that the boat maintain its value when resale after 5 years, because it’s a model that is carefully chosen with the latest issue in the market.

One more advantage with our system is that the owner has the possibility to decide if he wants to continue or not with the partnership each year.

Another factor to have in mind is the saving the owner makes if he before had to rent a boat for his holidays, and also this option that the owner can enjoy a similar boat in one of our other bases.

And, of course, the use and enjoy of his boat of the last model, totally equipped and in perfect condition during his holidays.

Our proposal is flexible and we can study the conditions that you have in mind.
Looking forward hearing from you, best regards,

Palma de Mallorca

Enrique Ciprés


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